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Internship Civil Engineering/Architecture

Modelling traffic flow through stations (Amersfoort)

Civil 7 is a young and growing engineering consultancy with an international focus in underground construction.

We would like to offer an internship position working on modelling and designing pedestrian traffic and behaviour through train stations. This is needed to help increase capacity and improve safety during evacuation or fire.


Civil 7 offers students

  • intensive weekly guidance by an experienced senior;
  • responsibility and ownership of your innovation project;
  • a visit to an international construction project;
  • insider view into a young engineering start-up

Work is assessed as 25 % problem solving, 25 % BIM modelling, 25 % software programming, 25 % marketing.


Skills candidates must possess:

  • good analytically;
  • pro-active and independent;
  • experience with BIM/CAD within civil engineering or architecture programme (4th year Masters’);
  • programming skills or experience in behavioural science are an advantage

Full details of the thesis subject can be obtained by sending an email to: