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MSc Thesis Geo-Engineering/Materials

Track-foundation renovation for highspeed (Amersfoort)

Civil 7 is a young and growing engineering consultancy with an international focus in underground construction.  We are looking for geo-engineering or concrete materials engineering students that wish to fulfil their Master programme on track renovation for high speed.

 Civil 7 offers students

  • intensive weekly guidance by an experienced senior;
  • real project in collaboration with ProRail;
  • responsibility and ownership of your project;
  • field visit to Sweden included;
  • insider view into a young engineering start-up

 The climate is suffering from our hunger for freedom: Cars and flights emit around 200 grams of CO2 per passenger-kilometer travelled or 1.7 billion tons per annum. High speed rail lines are gathering momentum as a solution for nationwide traffic and short haul flights. But unlike quickly changing China, Europe has a huge rail ‘legacy’ – that is: thousands of kilometres of existing track – which can’t just be abandoned.

This thesis will look at opportunities for revising existing rail lines to upgrade them to high speed – specifically looking at foundation aspects. Together with Civil 7 and Prorail the student will research methods of soil improvement that maintain the overhead ballast and track. Two specific methods already being used in Sweden are showing great potential – contact us to find out more.


Skills candidates must possess:

  • pro-active, well presented and good communicator;
  • experience in geotechnical engineering or materials engineering (4th year Masters’);
  • practical building: you have “two right hands”;
  • knowledge of materials science/chemistry/cement also puts you a step ahead

Feel free to contact us or send an email to: